If you do church right, some of the unchurched will love you and some will hate you

Dr. Michael Brown: Let us not be known as the haters and the bigots because we are nasty people who look down their noses at others, the people who are “too good for you.” And let us be better known as followers of Jesus than as members of a political party, as born-again believers more than as rightwing (or leftwing) ideologues.


From Michael Brown from The Christian Post:

A leading ministry stated that its vision was “creating churches that unchurched people love.” This is a highly commendable goal.

Let us present the real Jesus, the Jesus to whom the crowds swarmed, the Jesus who ate with despised tax collectors and prostitutes. And let us demonstrate real, New Testament love, the kind of love that embraces the outcasts and meets people where they are. Story Here

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  1. This is a really good article! And speaking for myself, there are things still needing clean up or improvement, so it is a lovingly but convicting reminder that sin is sin and we should all desire to be more like Jesus every day. Thank you for sharing this one!

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