Hope is a desire of the heart that one feels will be met at some point.  We hope for a better life, better weather, a better future for our kids and grand kids.  We can work for a better life, we know the weather will change eventually…but what about the future?  Do we have hope that all the division and turmoil today can evolve into something better?  Things just seem to get worse with every passing day.

Where does our hope come from?  How can we find it’s light in a world full of darkness?  As Christians, our hope is found in the Lord and His promise never to leave or forsake us.  I can only imagine what the future would look like at this point without Jesus to guide me through the darkness.  By darkness I mean the increase of evil that has descended on our world just in recent years.  When we focus on this evil, the future surely looks gloomy with little hope for things to improve.  With spy balloons, the fear of war, schools indoctrinating our kids instead of teaching them academics…how can we hope for a better future?

So many people are suffering from depression, anxiety and phobias of some kind that drain them of hope and fill their future with gloom.  But that’s why we are here!  That’s why Jesus came…to bring the promise of hope and salvation to a world that’s lost and in the clutches of evil.  Satan and his army have been working overtime…but there’s good news!!

The Holy Spirit has been moving powerfully through the darkness of evil and souls are being won for Jesus.  The most recent movement of the Spirit took place in Kentucky and of all places…in a college filled with young people!  How great is that for giving us hope for the future?  Young men and women have found the answer to the true meaning of life!  They found the way to a better future…not only for themselves, but for everyone they share the message with.

As Christians, we must pray and work …or get out of the way…to keep this movement flowing to more universities and across the world.  Small towns and elementary schools have already welcomed the good news of Jesus as well, with many accepting Christ as their Savior.  There are Marches for Jesus being planned in many cities across the U. S.  including Texas, Florida, California, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado.  What a time to be alive and see for ourselves what God can do when His people come together and pray!!

Proverbs 13:12  Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh it is a tree of life.

Our hope may have been deferred for a time, with the upsurge of evil, but now has been renewed by the movement of God’s Holy Spirit.  Let us continue to pray and work to see that it comes to our town and our schools.  Hope is shining like a tree of life in the midst of a world much in need of God and His mercy!  Let us look forward to a future filled with His love  knowing that with God, all things are possible!!

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