A Football Coach…Not a Pastor: NFL Legend Deion Sanders Targeted by Atheists for Alleged ‘Unconstitutional Actions’

You know your doing a good work for the LORD when the atheists target you! What are you doing for the LORD Today? Many Pastors are afraid to speak out about many issues, like abortion, that are destroying America. MANY LAY PEOPLE are silent also! SHAME! We all will have to answer to God.


I want to thank Billy Hallowell for another excellent report! Mr. Hollowell is one of the very best reporters in America as is FGGAM’S Chuck Akeley! PTL!


The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a secular activist group based in Madison, Wisconsin, put out a statement this week claiming they have been “successfully coaching Deion Sanders on the constitutional separation between state and religion.”

The FFRF accused Sanders of “inappropriate and unconstitutional actions.” The organization waged these claims in a Jan. 24 letter to the University of Colorado, where Sanders coaches. More Here

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