Why I Became a Pastor


   Written By Pastor Jerry Lucero

         My brother and dear friend Dewey asked me to comment on why I became a Pastor. To address his request, a look at the past, the present and hope for the future will help me to explain. Just like you, at a point in time in the past, God sent His gospel to me through faithful ministers by the Holy Spirit, and caused me to hear and know His grace in truth. At the age of twelve, a grim sickness came on me. The diagnosis was malignant bone cancer.

          This grim notice changed the whole of my life, and the life of my family. After the regiment of surgery, chemo-therapy, and radiation was initiated, my strength and vigor began to wane. My mother and I went to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, TX for six weeks at a time. I was no longer going to be participating in any organized sports. I also fell way behind in school. I was one of seven children, and my father and mother raised us in the Catholic faith. We children went to Catholic school. I remember how I disdained everything about Catholicism. I detested having to serve as an altar boy, going to mass everyday before school started, and confession on Saturday’s and of course mass again on Sunday. I was told there was a God, but I did not like or love the God I was shown. In reality, I wanted nothing to do with God.

          But God – in His everlasting mercy showed me who He was in truth one night at a prayer meeting in an old building on the side of Picacho avenue in Las Cruces, NM. My brother in law and my oldest sister had married, and they themselves had met Jesus and became born again, Spirit filled followers of Jesus Christ. These two invited my Mom, my brothers, and me to a “prayer meeting” on a week night sometime in the fall of the year. The message was a two edged sword that cut me right to the heart. What the Spirit said to me was that to die of cancer was not the tragedy, but to die in my sins was the real tragedy. God in His grace did show me that I was a sinner, but He showed me how He sent His only Son Jesus Christ (who loved me) and gave Himself for me on the cross. The Lord raised faith in me, and heard the repentance of my heart, and sent His Spirit into my heart crying Abba Father. So on that night my beautiful God rescued me, I knew my sins were forgiven, and that I had received eternal life. And in His unfathomable grace, Jesus Christ of Nazareth healed me of cancer that night.

          For some 35 years after that time, I wandered in my walk with God. By no means was I living as God desired me to live. The exhortation as said in [Col 1:10 NKJV] that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing [Him], being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; was not what my life looked like. I will not go into the many transgressions that I was committing during this span of my life. But God – He did not give up or turn His face away from me. In 2009 the Spirit asked me “do you trust me?” That question cut right to my core. In His wisdom Jesus was assuring me that He alone is trustworthy.

          So, that began a resurgence in my walk with Him. From that time on many men began to confirm what God had called me to do, and that was to preach, teach, and serve the people in the venues that He provides. My heart is for men to be exhorted in their walk with God, to be the men who lead, provide, and protect their wives, families and the people God puts in their circle. That is why I am a pastor. The Lord has given me several areas in which to serve. In my local church here in Albuquerque ,as a teacher in the Conviction Discipleship Center, on the board of directors for Heal the Broken Ministries, at St Lukes Missionary Baptist church teaching men’s Bible study. And I have preached here in Albuquerque, at the Narrow Church on Louisiana. My ordination service was in September of 2022.

          I had often wrestled with the thought that I had missed the opportunity the Lord had for me because I had wandered away from Him for so long. But God has assured me that in the strength of His glorious power He will accomplish His will for His glory in the years that He has allotted to me. I can only give Him thanks believe that He can and does more than we can ask or think. So if you have struggled in your walk with God just remember that He is merciful and ready to forgive and abundant in loving kindness for all who call upon Him. God Bless.

Pastor Jerry Lucero of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Pastor Dewey Note: I have known Pastor Jerry for about 20 years. Years ago I went to a Bible study at a truck stop to attend a Bible study that Jerry was conducting. Man! The Lord showed me that day that Jerry has been called to be a Pastor! PTL! I told Jerry that and he  kinda just stared at me, as many people do!!! LOL! Over the years I have reminded Jerry of what the Lord had shown me about him becoming a Pastor. Jerry can preach the Word of God as well as any preacher. PTL! Do you know your TRUE CALLING FROM GOD?

The same thing with Pastor Sheldon Wolf of FBC in Reserve. Sheldon started attending FBC and I was told by the Lord that Sheldon’s calling was to be the Pastor of FBC in Reserve! When I told Sheldon  that, he said, NO WAY! I am not qualified! I told him to seek the Lord. Sheldon can preach the Word of God as well as anybody! The folks at FBC gathered around him, praying for him and he eventually became the Pastor at FBC in Reserve. Sheldon is a great leader!

Pastor Jerry has traveled with me to Open Door Bible Ministry in Los Alamos, pastored by Paul Jaramillo. We loved our time there with Pastor Paul and his congregation. Pastor Jerry was with me a couple of Sundays ago at FBC in Reserve when I was filling in for Pastor Sheldon. I had Jerry share his testimony and it was a blessing for all. We have enjoyed traveling together shining the light of JESUS to all in our travels.

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