So many people are worried about their own ‘hide’ than the life God’s babies. What does the GOP stand for anyway? They better deal with that liar Santos! He is a disgrace to America! GOP leaders in New York call on Rep. Santos to resign and give up his House seat

From The HILL:

The new House Republican majority is battling to unify on the issue of abortion less than a year after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Unity was on display Wednesday when Republicans approved two anti-abortion measures with unanimous GOP votes. Story Here

GREAT NEWS FROM NEW MEXICO! Thank you Ethel Maharg for this report:

My Favorite Right is Life!

January 11, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Last night the Roosevelt County Commission met to determine the fate of an ordinance that would outlaw the transportation or deliveries of equipment, drugs, and medicine across the borders of Roosevelt for the purpose of committing abortion. The law does not criminalize the mother and relies on citizen enforcement. After over 2 hours of testimony the commissioners voted 4-1 to pass the ordinance.

Right to Life Committee of New Mexico board president Angie Smith reported that they had a full room. Testimony was allowed for those in favor of the law and those opposed to it. She noted that they were about evenly split, however those testifying in opposition were mostly from NMSU and Bernalillo County. Those in favor were from the area.

I asked her what was one of the best moments and she said it was when 14 year old Aslan Smith testified saying “I’m tired of the I can’t movement.” She gave several examples of famous women in history who went on to be successful and they had children. She said “I’m ready for an I can movement.” Bravo Aslan, Bravo! We’re ready for that I can movement too. 14 years old folks. A 14 year old lead the way. This is so exciting.

Mike Seibel Senior Council of Abortion on trial said “This is a huge win for NM as it will give private citizens in Roosevelt County a private right of action to protect women from being injured and babies from being killed. I urge more communities across the state to adopt similar ordinances. This is the 2nd county and the 4th jurisdiction in New Mexico to adopt an ordinance protecting woman and child.”

We are grateful to each and every one of you who made this possible. I for one am so excited about the future of Life in our state.

Who is Next?

Thank you for all you do for the cause of life.

My Favorite Right is Life!

God bless,

Ethel Maharg

Executive Director


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