LOVE THIS STORY!!! VERY INSPIRING!!! Pastor Uses Fire Chief Position as an Avenue for Ministry


I so much love this story! I was once a volunteer firefighter in Osceola, Indiana! My daddy, Wally Moede was a fireman and then promoted to Assistant Chief in Windom, Minnesota. Daddy served in the late 50’s into early 80’s and my grandpa Chris Moede was a fireman in Windom back in the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s. There is something so very, very extra special about firefighters, risking their lives for others. Answering the call every time, day or night to help others. I have taken that mission into ministry! Be on call 24/7! Amen! My daddy was also a U.S. Marine in WW II. When America came together to defeat evil! For many years Daddy also was head usher at our home church, Windom American Lutheran Church. Thank the Lord I grew up when MEN WHERE MEN!!

I wish every boy and girl had the growing up I did. Pastors even came to the house to visit, and in that day most churches were full. Many of my friends tease me in love that I grew up in Mayberry!

LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!! PTL!!!!!!

From CHURCHLEADERS and The Baptist Press:

GAFFNEY, S.C. (BP) – Every pastor has a burning passion for the Lord and his church. For Dwight Easler, this burning passion carries over into his work as a local fire chief, which he views as an extension of his ministry.

Easler has served as the senior pastor of Corinth Baptist Church and with the Corinth Fire Department for nearly 20 years. Story Here

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