K-9’s mugshot goes viral after police accuse pup of stealing officer’s lunch


We all need a story like this today!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE DOGS!!! WE LOVE POLICE DOGS!!!! Love the fun that this Police Department is having with ICE!

A police K-9 named Officer Ice was recently “under investigation” for allegedly stealing from one of his own colleagues.

This month, the Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) in Wyandotte, Michigan, shared a now-viral image of Ice’s mugshot following his recent criminal charges.

As the post stated, Officer Barwig was in the middle of his lunch when he was called into the WPD jail for assistance. Fox News Report

We have had friends losing their dogs of late. I am going to ask God why dogs don’t get a long life like most humans. Our Daisy is getting older and she has cancer, but she keeps going. Daisy is coughing more this morning. My friend on Facebook Ellie Kay lost her dog the other day from a car running over it. Ellie posted this: I don’t know if there are dogs in heaven but Billy Graham used to say that we will be happy there and if our pets are needed for our happiness, they will be there too.

I marvel at God’s creation…He made dogs as mans best friend, to love on us all the time, they are so very loyal, many can smell cancer, they can sniff out drugs in cars and luggage, they guard us, they might be in pain, but they are tougher than me, and still so very loving. They love us!

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