Are You Afraid of Dying?

Pastor Dewey Note: I have done many funerals ever since COVID, but so many of the  deaths were not because of COVID. It has been a very sorrowful time for me, ministering to many people that have lost loved ones. The toughest services are for parents that have lost a child. The Lord has taught me much during this time, one main thing is to show the love of Jesus to all, more and more. I encourage you to read Pastor Tim Keller’s message: Tim Keller on Spiritual Life After Terminal Diagnosis: ‘I’m Closer to Where I Should Have Been Most of My Life’

January 11, 2023
Today’s Daily Devotional


“Lord, make me to know my end, and what is the measure of my days, that I may know how frail I am.”


Death is a very real subject but one we often don’t take seriously. Man is the only creature who knows he’s going to die, and he is desperately trying to forget it. If you mention death in some contexts, people will change the subject like they change the channels with their remote controls. They don’t want to talk about death. They don’t want to face death. Even though it’s something we avoid, reason tells us we’re going to die, experience tells us we’re going to die, and if you’re not prepared to die, you’re not prepared to live. No man is ever ready to live until he is no longer afraid to die.

Jesus is the master teacher. He taught that there are three great issues all of us must face. Those issues are life, death, and eternity. Everything else is a subset of those things.

  • How does being prepared to die change the way you live?
  • Why is it dangerous to avoid the subject of death?


Share with someone a testimony about how being prepared to die has changed the way you live.

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