2023 The Year Of The Overflow… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


2023 The Year Of The Overflow…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Here in Aroostook County, Maine it is raining this morning. The weather is a bit unusual as it is warmer than years past. Thirty-seven degrees and raining as we watch the snow melt away quite quickly. We have just entered into a new season, a season of change, a season of new beginnings and a season where there is great unrest in our world. Somehow the word I receive as I sit before my God this morning is this…

Believe in my Word and rest… Signs, wonders and miracles will follow you. 

I pray for people; I pray for people’s needs and I pray that God would trust me with much. I must admit I don’t always understand God’s timing. God’s ways are so much higher than our ways. His thoughts are so much higher than ours. One thing for sure that I know because I know, because I know, that God is in love with each of us. We were all created in his image. When I look at my children, I see characteristics of me in each of them. I love them no matter what. That’s how God sees each of us. We have a new identity when we become Christians. The blood of Jesus now speaks for us. Our identity is in him and him alone.

Today let’s declare 2023 is the year of the overflow. This song from my girls cheerleading days comes to mind several times as I write this morning, DYN, It’s dynamite. Have a dynamic year God’s most beautiful people. Operate in the overflow and walk in the signs, wonders and miracles.

Father, we declare from the Crown of Maine to seven continents of the world, it’s a year of the overflow. Father thank you for favor, for open doors and for blessing the works of our hands.

Father, we decree 2023 we will walk in power, and signs, wonders, and miracles will follow us all the days this year. We declare and decree it’s going to be a dynamic year. DYN it’s dynamite. Amen.


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