Vatican Defrocks Trump-Supporting, U.S. Anti-Abortion Leader Father Frank Pavone From Priesthood


Am I stunned? Not really, as the Catholic Church is a mess. New Mexico Archdiocese to Settle Sex Abuse Claims for $121.5 Million.  New Mexico Catholic Church Priest & Clergy Sex Abuse List. Father Pavone has guts, he has given his life to save God’s babies. In the meantime the Catholic Church continues to serve Nancy Pelosi and other pro-abortion folks communion.

“We have forgotten God …” Lincoln, “The awful calamity … may be but a punishment … for our presumptuous sins”

America refuses to be grounded in JESUS! JESUS is always the answer. Only 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview, America is a long ways from being a Biblical model. Only 6% of Americans have a ‘biblical worldview,’ research from George Barna finds

VATICAN CITY, Dec 18 (Reuters) – Father Frank Pavone, a leader of the U.S. anti-abortion movement and a strong supporter of former president Donald Trump, has been dismissed from the Catholic priesthood for “blasphemous” social media posts and disobedience to bishops.

The Vatican defrocked Pavone in November, according to a letter sent to U.S. bishops from its ambassador to Washington. The letter, seen by Reuters, says Pavone will not be allowed to appeal.

Vatican dismisses Trump-supporting, anti-abortion leader from priesthood

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Here is the latest email I got from Father Pavone…..

December 17, 2022


This week on ProLife PrimeTime News, co-anchors Theresa Watson and Leslie Palma report on a significant victory in an undercover journalist’s efforts to uncover the truth about taxpayer-funded experiments performed on aborted babies at the University of Washington.

Also on the show, we cover:

  1. Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn. Mark Lee Dickson is the architect of the movement that encourages cities and towns to declare themselves abortion-free. The movement is spreading!
  2. Turning VA hospitals into killing centers. Priests for Life is part of a coalition of nearly 50 pro-life groups asking members of the House and Senate to halt a Biden administration plan to turn Veterans Affairs hospitals into abortion businesses.
  3. Ironic honor for abortion provider. The Human Rights Commission in Moorehead, Minnesota, is apparently so grateful that a North Dakota killing center has relocated there that it named the executive director its Person of the Year.
  4. A satanic solution for poverty. Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition explains Canada’s efforts to kill even more of its citizens, including those living in poverty.
  5. Arizona races not over yet. Candidates for two of Arizona’s top offices had hearings this week in their election-related legal challenges.
  6. The male brain. Brad Mattes of the Life Issues Institute discusses intriguing new research that shows how fatherhood changes men’s brains.

ProLife PrimeTime News airs every Friday at 9 p.m. ET at EndAbortion.TV and all the social media platforms linked from there. You also can watch it right now at this link.


Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Priests for Life
PO Box 236695
Cocoa, FL 32923
Phone: 321-500-1000
Toll Free: 888-735-3448

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