All hell has broken loose!!!  Our heart breaks! More and more devastation in Ukraine! Putin is destroying the country. , as it did with Hitler! Money alone will not stop Putin! Putin is controlled by Satan. Foolish Biden can send billions more of military equipment to Ukraine, but Putin will continue his evil ways, killing and destruction of Ukraine until the world decides no more! Have we become so very weak? We need godly leaders. How did Hitler happen?


Kyiv, Lviv without power after Russia launches ‘mass’ air and sea based cruise missile attack across Ukraine

Our hearts break for the people of Haiti. Sharon and I have been there and the people are so very, very nice. We are praying for a break through for the people Haiti, that the peace of God will come over all. DO NOT TRAVEL TO HAITI


(RNS)—  The Rev. Dieufort Fleurissaint, chair of Haitian Americans United, a Boston area non-profit, said he is thankful for God’s presence during this holiday season, even if the crisis in his homeland of Haiti is never far from his mind.

The situation in the Caribbean nation of 11.5 million people has deteriorated drastically in the past year, with the 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse exacerbating the effects of a series of natural disasters. Story Here

A MUST READ!!!!President Biden Signs the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 – The Omnibus


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