Five Fears That Keep Pastors From Preaching About Abortion


Too many Christians do not want to touch the abortion issue with a 10 foot pole!

This message was written in 2018. It still nails it! I have never been bashful about speaking up for GOD and HIS babies. It is downright shameful that many pastors are so silent on this issue. Do they think that GOD is not going to ask them about being silent? Church attendance is dwindling in America. I beleive one main reason is that many pastors do not address the current situations in America and connect them with the ways of God. I hear all the time, “I do not get anything out of Church.” Here in 2022 this comment now has started to come out of the mouths of fine Christian people. I beleive you have to take the current state of affairs and then address it from a Biblical perspective. You have to hit it head on in tough love. It breaks my heart when I see just 10 to 15 people in a Church. I talk to so many people during the week, that comes from my radio days. I always loved to hear what listeners thought of the station. Pastors need to talk to people that do not go to their church, or any church at all. They will learn a lot about all people by doing so and it will make them a better pastor. I always had a motto, we needed to keep our fingers on the pulse of radio listeners.

When I talk to Ethel Maharg of New Mexico Right to Life, one of her greatest frustrations is the silence of many pastors on abortion! I will never forget when I got done preaching at a  church in Albuquerque years ago, a man came up to me and Sharon and said, “I loved your message, but why did you preach about abortion so much?” One of my sayings is, “I have come to comfort the inflicted and to inflict the comfortable.”

Just 6% of Americans have a Biblical worldview and only 37% of pastors have a Biblical worldview. We are in such bad shape. Have you heard of the Great Commission? Many have not! It is not a suggestion from JESUS! It is a command! We must build bridges of love and trust with all people. Here is what the Great Commission is.

YOUR PASTOR CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! Barna, a Christian research organization, reported that stress, isolation and political division are some of the issues factoring into pastors’ desire to quit. As of March 2022, 42% of pastors considered quitting, according to the data. Do your part in inviting people to church! Pick them up and take them to church and then lunch afterwards. Many times I have asked congregations to raise their hands if they had invited anyone to church. Few do. Do you? If not, will you pick someone up and take them to church this Sunday? If not, WHY? Ask your PASTOR how you can help him or her! Start an outreach program in the community! Your PASTOR needs more help than ever during this very dark time in Church history. So many PASTORS are very tired! They need your help! 35 Practical ways to help your Pastor

I had a Deacon of a church here in New Mexico that showed me a report on the number of baptisims that they have officiated over. ZERO in three years. That is a problem in many churches all over America. Years ago my mentor of many years, Pastor Don Kimbro told me, “We are in this deep troubled time because the church is not baptizing enough people.” How is your church doing? The lack of making disciples will go down as one of the biggest failures of the present day church. Pastor Don also mentioned that when people are baptized we need to make sure to feed them to help them grow into mature Christians.

Is your children’s Sunday School booming? What’s the future of your church?

Coming from my sports background, that scoreboard looks awful! Here’s more:

90 percent of Americans identified as Christians in 1972, only 64 percent did so in 2020. The damaging impact of this steady retreat from Christian faith and morality is on display every day in our culture.

From Focus on the Family written by Mark Campbell

Many pastors are unwilling to engage the issue of abortion from the pulpit. The result is that these pastors abandon their congregations on this issue, leaving the narrative to be written by the world.

I recently found myself in a discussion with an extended family member about parenting. This loved one turned to me and said, “I never wanted to tell my children what to believe.” To which I responded immediately, “Why not? Everyone else is trying to tell your children what to believe. Why wouldn’t you want to?”

From television to advertising, teachers, peers, news media and social media, children are constantly bombarded with messages about what to believe.

Unfortunately, this is often the subconscious approach many pastors take about the issue of abortion and the church. For varying reasons, pastors don’t want to tell their church what to believe on this vital issue of justice, equality and the glory of God.


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