CNN is reporting today that Senator Krysten Sinema (D) of Arizona is leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an Independent.  CNN’s article may be viewed HERE.

Although the move is not necessarily surprising or a “shocker,” it nonetheless shows a continuing trend in the US for voters, and in this case, even a legislator, to move away from the notion that everyone needs to belong to either the Republican or Democratic Parties.

In an exclusive CNN interview with Jake Tapper, Senator Sinema said that she never fit neatly into any party box and feels like many others across Arizona and the country who are also tired of partisanship.

Her move to Independent status is unlikely to change much about the power balance in the senate, especially as she indicated during CNN’s interview that she planned to retain her senate committee assignments – signaling that she’s likely to caucus with senate democrats, not republicans.  Also, there was nothing articulated during her CNN interview about her political views becoming more solidly in line with the priorities of the Republican Party.

Fox News similarly reported on Senator Sinema’s move to become an Arizona Independent.  The Fox News report may be viewed HERE.

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