Another Failure Of The NM Court System! SHAME! Convicted child rapist cuts off GPS ankle monitor, flees to Texas


We all better be thanking the LORD for our law enforcement heroes as they put up with a rotten, stinking justice system here in New Mexico! The thugs have more rights than ever, more than us innocent folks! Why do we have no deterrent to crime in New Mexico?

This irks me to no end! Put the judge in jail! The ankle minoring program has gone to hell in a hand basket here in New Mexico! The Court/legal system is full of incompetent people! If this rapist harms anybody else the judge should be held accountable! I am sick and tired of judges endangering others by not locking these thugs up and throwing the away the key! Why do we allow this New Mexico? New Mexico judges seem to love repeat offenders! I pray this thug does not harm anymore children!

Convicted child rapist cuts off GPS ankle monitor, flees to Texas

I have done too many funerals of young people dying of violence in Albuquerque. Gun fire, stabbings, drug overdoses and suicides. It has finally forced me to take a time out here in December. Sad to say, I am mentally wore down. We all better be so very thankful for our law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT’s, doctors, nurses and funeral home directors. They deal with all these killings. DO NOT TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED! I work with many funeral directors and I see first hand how they take care of the families that have been struck by tragedy. I also want to WARN YOU to be very aware of your surroundings. I am not kidding when I say there is no safe place in Albuquerque. Do not be careless. Nothing will change in Albuquerque or any place in America until more and more people come to JESUS. This violence is of Satan, he has blinded so many in America. I see no end of this horrific violence. 2022 a record year year of killings in Albuquerque, no one is safe

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