Pastor Jerry McCullah a Role Model for Us All


Pastor Jerry and his angel wife Ruthie!

Pastor Jerry McCullah is a hero of mine for many reasons! A wonderful husband and father, A wonderful man of God, an awesome preacher, a wonderful prayer warrior, a terrific writer for God, a gifted teacher, a veteran of the Vietnam War and I could go on and on. I thank Pastor Jerry’s son Chris for introducing me to his daddy years ago. I was also so super blessed to have breakfast a few years ago with Pastor Jerry and his lovely wife Ruthi McCullah as they traveled through Albuquerque! Pastor Jerry and Ruthies marriage is such a love story.! We are so blessed beyond measure to have Pastor Jerry as a writer here at For God’s Glory Alone Ministries – FGGAM We also want to wish Jerry HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am a bit late on this but God has me out serving a family yesterday. Pastor Jerry shines brighter than any Christmas tree, and better yet! He shines for JESUS! Pastor Jerry’s writings are constantly being read here at FGGAM, even those from years gone by. We thank him for his service to the Kingdom of God.

So many have forgotten about the Vietnam War, so many have forgotten about all those that were killed. I have many dear friends like Pastor Jerry that served in Vietnam. One of my best friends ever, Roger Carey of Windom, Minnesota was killed in Vietnam. I hate to think of all the Americans alive today, that do not know this war of hell and the almost 60,000 American soldiers who died in that war. War is hell, young men and women die in old men’s wars. The Vietnam War Extract Data File of the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) Extract Files contains records of 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War. Someday maybe Pastor Jerry will share with us how the war shaped his life for JESUS. Vietnam War History

I have been praying for years that Pastor Jerry would come to New Mexico and put on one of his prayer conferences! We need it badly here in New Mexico. We are in such tough shape here, New Mexico is the abortion capitol of America.

The world needs more Pastor Jerry’s.

Prayer for a Wayward People by Pastor Jerry McCullah

What does it mean that the light shines in the darkness (John 1:5)? By Got Questions

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