Loneliness Is Not A Life Sentence Part 1


We have all been through a lot these past couple of years, some even before the world changed in 2020. Mental well-being has declined, and many have turned to complete isolation or worse have felt that their lives are not worth living anymore.

I am writing this today because I want to encourage you right where you are in life. You are not condemned to loneliness. There really are people out there who care about you. But there’s a catch. You have to take a step towards them and open up so they will know how you are feeling. One of the hardest parts about battling loneliness is allowing others to come in. Your solitude becomes your comfort zone. What starts out as a feeling turns into a permanent lifestyle. That’s why it is important that you are reading this.

Your life has more meaning than you think. Do you realize you were created by our Heavenly Father? The one who created the entire Universe and everything in it. The enemy on the other hand-Satan-that thief, wants you to believe that you have no worth and deserve to be alone.

But I am here to tell you that you deserve better! You deserve to have loved ones around you to live and enjoy life to the fullest. So here is the plan that I have for you to consider. Open Up, find someone you trust, and open up.  Let someone in, who you can trust with your life trials and tribulations. Allow others in, sure you can take it slow but start somewhere. Use messenger if you have to take baby steps, but do something to get out of the situation you are in. It starts with You because no one else knows you better than yourself.

Lastly, I want you to know that I wrote this because I care about you, as a Minister and a Follower of Jesus Christ. I want you to know that you have a purpose and are loved. Please, please Open Up. Loneliness Is Not A Life Sentence, you deserve better.

Peace and Love To You ALL.


Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Dial -988

Veteran Crisis Center at (800) 273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8235.


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