Happy 94th Birthday Deacon Dave Ryan! What is a Man of God? “It Is Well with my Soul”


Happy 94th Birthday Deacon Dave Ryan! We love you and Ruth so much! You two are so very, very special to me and Sharon! I want to be like you when I grow up!

I love Dave like a brother! I fell in love with him years ago when Sharon and I were guests at the First Baptist Church in Magdalena. Pastor Paul Holt invited me to preach. Deacon Dave, I also call him Cowboy Dave, are best friends forever and ever! I remember years ago when Dave had a heart attack and was being rushed by ambulance to Albuquerque. Dave made sure that the EMT’s knew JESUS! Dave was not afraid that he may die, because he knew if he did he would be in the arms of JESUS! He wanted to make sure the EMT’s were clear on that!

I remember awhile back when he got COVID. He told me that he was ready anytime for the LORD to call him home!

Just think! At 94 Dave is still serving the Lord as a Deacon! I want to be like Dave when I grow up!

Three of my best friends, Dave, Clara Nelson, who is about to turn 95, Norm Merlock, who is now in heaven, have taught me “It Is Well With My Soul” If you will allow elders to teach you, you will be much more joyful in the LORD

Do you have that outlook?

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