A New Life


I look at my past and wonder how,

My life was spared, a new life now.


A life of sin, and rebelliousness,

Living like the world with hopelessness.


But now I am new because of Christ,

The one God sent to put things right.


I lived in sin and then repented,

My old life’s gone no more resentment.


I now am forgiven and made anew,

The old me is gone and I thank you.


I thank you Heavenly Father for forgiving me,

You sent down your Son to make us free.


Free from Satans grasp you defeated death,

You took all our sins and gave your last breath.


On the cross, you died but rose again.

Until the rapture, we don’t know when.


So now we share the good news about Christ.

So, all who repent will have a new life.


And lastly, I say to you all as we part,

Repent, choose Christ and do it from your Heart.


Copyright © 2022 Stephen Lewis

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