I wanted to share this with you. I am thankful for the Minneapolis StarTribune for their opinion page. I have to share with you that I was a paper boy for the Minneapolis Star when it was an afternoon paper back in the 60’s. Wonderful experience. I also want to share with you why we try everyday day to bring the news to the world. We have been up since 2am. This morning at 5:22am our top countries are America, Nigeria, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, India and the UK. FGGAM Always a Biblical Worldview

Putin trying to shock Ukrainians, and the rest of the world, into backing down and accepting his demands, but the U.S. has been clear: That won’t work.

You may have to pray a $2.00 fee to read the story but it is more than worth it. I subscribe to the online StarTrib.

If Putin isn’t bluffing, then what?

Video shows Russia moving items belonging to nuclear weapons unit
An analyst says the video shared online “is a very good example of Russian strategy” but not necessarily an imminent threat.

Read in CBS News: https://apple.news/AvvjVDvNeQ_6-kPE7xyZHaw

This is a very dangerous situation with President Biden’s mental heath in question. Who is running America?

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