TRUE HEROES!!! Lights in the Darkness, Chaplains Work During Law Enforcement Personnel Crisis


From Church Leaders:

PLANT CITY, Fla. (BP) – For families who don’t know, it’s tough to comprehend the stress of being a police officer.

Approaching a crime scene requires a double-awareness to identify it as real or an ambush. Often you may find yourself berated by the very people you’re trying to protect and serve. There is no “normal” day, as something like serving a warrant can turn deadly.

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From Pastor Dewey:

I always tell Sharon that we are so very blessed to have police officers in Albuquerque, which has turned so very, very violent in so many ways! We had three murders in one day. APD investigates 3 deadly shootings overnight. I always make a point to thank our officers when I see them and tell them we pray for them daily. Can you even imagine what the officers in Albuquerque and all over America face everyday? They are dealing with a lawless nation, where taking another’s life does not mean a thing to many Americans. It is only by a miracle of God that we still have Law Enforcement Officers. Would you want to walk about to the car door of a thug? I am very thankful for every Chaplain in America. They also sacrifice much to serve. I have had a bit of struggle doing the funerals of so many young people in Albuquerque, killed by gunfire, drug overdose, suicides, alcoholism, motorcycle accident…… you might call it a bit of battle fatigue. I have officiated more funerals in the last three years than the last 13 years. I have learned so very much from God about the value of families.


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