This should not be happening in the United States of America! What has happened to all the infrastructure money that was to help restore America????? I hate to think that millions and millions of tax payers dollars has gone to waste, and the people in Jackson still have no clean water!!!!!!! Where is the President on this issue? This is an outrage. People in America do not have clean drinking water? I say again! Where do our tax dollars go? What about all the fraud that occurred with all the COVID relief money????? COVID RELIEF FRAUD
We are praying that clean tap water will be available in Jackson today!
CNN — 

The situation remains dire for many Jackson, Mississippi, residents as the city enters the sixth day since a major water plant failed, leaving thousands of people unable to access clean tap water.

Efforts to restore the supply suffered a setback Friday when a chemical imbalance and reduced water pressure were detected. More Here

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