The Book


Life as we know it is changing fast. If you dare watch the news these days, you will find a variety of opinions, truth, lies, and sadly deception. Is there any truth in anything we watch or read in this day and age?

Thankfully there is one book, a book not written to deceive or corrupt man’s thoughts and ways. A book filled with the truth, hope, love, and the only way. A book filled with wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and guidance. Have you figured out what book I am talking about? Yes of course you’re right it’s the Bible. A book inspired and written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. A real history book, actually it’s the only true history book because the other history books are created based on man’s stories as they saw them (His-Story).

The one and only book that will change your life now and for eternity, if you surrender to our Heavenly Father. So, I share this with you today to encourage you to pull it out and dust it off and dive into the lifesaving Word of God! There’s no better time than now to start getting into the Word.

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