Stick To The Script!


We’ve all heard the saying a time or two when someone is telling a story. The story starts on track and before you know it, it veers off with a bunch of added stories. The thought of, “get to the point”, runs through your mind as you politely continue listening. The end result is what seemed to be a simple message turns into a long-drawn-out story.

Well, how about when it comes to sharing the Gospel? We have heard the Gospel shared in so many ways. Some stick to the message while others take you on a 3-hour journey leaving many confused and even exhausted.

As I was reading Acts chapter 20 this morning, while reading verse 21 I noticed how Paul stuck to the message as he admitted something very important. The Apostle Paul said, “I have had one message for Jews and Greeks alike, the necessity of repenting from sin and turning to God and having faith in our Lord Jesus.”

He stuck to the main points, he didn’t complicate it, and there was no smoke and mirrors. He spoke the truth about the Gospel of the Kingdom!

We can do the same if we just focus on the facts and share the Kingdom of God from the Heart and from the Holy Spirit.

Most people need a savior, they need their spirit revived, restored & renewed. This can only be done by asking Jesus Christ into our lives. So let’s get motivated, focus on spreading the word, and don’t forget…..Stick To The Script!


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