Small Church, Small Impact? It Might Actually Be the Opposite! I Have Seen The Impact of Small Churches!


The picture at the very top is The First Baptist Church in Reserve, New Mexico! I owe a great debt to the folks there for all the love they have shown me and Sharon over the years. I learned so very much in my years of service there. I was so blessed that God showed me that Sheldon Wolf was to be the Pastor at FBC in Reserve. Thank you Sheldon for answering ther call of God!

I love the smaller Churches in New Mexico. I have been circuit preaching in New Mexico even before FGGAM was formed. Since 2008 I have visited so many beautiful churches with such godly people. I like to say I have been in God’s school for over 20 consecutive years with KKIM and FGGAM. Before that about 10 years with WFRN Christian radio fulltime and then as a consultant. What an education. I have learned so much about God, His word and ways, Pastors, Deacons, congregations, radio and TV ministry and other media. I have seen the very good and the very bad over the years, thankfully a lot more GOOD than BAD! God is still teaching me. I love HIS SCHOOL! I have seen one sheep return to God time after time in the smaller Churches. Brad Hill states, Yes, we love it when many people come to faith, and many communities are flourishing. But we also know that Jesus cares about the one lost sheep, the woman at the well, and the man born blind. When we begin to see our churches as not “just 35 people” but instead as “35 people to grow and multiply” who are uniquely gifted and empowered by God to change our world, everything changes.  I also have seen many miracles! God has shown me so much and then put me and Sharon into FGGAM to serve all people around the world through our website and social media, TV, radio, newspaper, and circuit preaching and also carrying out the Great Commission by car and foot, we just made a Great Commission trip into Wyoming, a bit of Montana and South Dakota. I also serve God’s people officiating weddings, baptisims, and funerals. There is no better teacher than GOD ALMIGHTY! God directs all my days, and all my duties. He directs my writings, my mouth, and my path. I am so very thankful to God and all the people who have raised us up and continue to support in so many ways!

One of the most memorable Sundays at FBC in Reserve was when Deacon Charles McCargish and his lovely wife Joan invited Anthony to Church. Anthony was struggling in life and Charles and Joan knew it. They were always inviting people to Church, I wish more folks did that. These two saints would even pick up people and take them to Church, like Anthony. At the end of the service that day Anthony came up when I did the alter call. He whispered in my ear his struggles with drugs, he wanted to be a better man, he wanted to prepare himself to get married to his girlfriend, he wanted Jesus in his heart. We prayed and Anthony accepted Jesus. About three weeks later he died of an overdose. Praise God Charles and Joan invited Anthony to Church that day! Would you please invite someone to your Church this Sunday? Two more memories from the Church of God in Los Lunas, New Mexico where I served as the associate Pastor to Jim Montoya. Jim held many revivals in the area and two stick out in my mind. Two grandchildren wheeled up their grandma to the platform in her wheelchair and asked us to pray that their grandma would walk again. We prayed healing over her and she got out of that wheelchair and walked!!! At another revival in Los Lunas, A man brought his blind wife to be baptized. Pastor Jim really had the greatest impact on me on how important it is for all of us to carry out The Great Commission!

This Sunday I am traveling to the First Baptist Church in Glenwood, New Mexico! I am filling in for Pastor Dave Schumm. I love Pastor Dave and his congregation! I cannot wait! I love Catron County! I have been traveling to this beautiful area as circuit preacher for almost 11 years on and off. If your Church needs a fill in sometime or as a guest preacher, please contact me here at FGGAM,

I love this message from Brad Hill from CHURCHLEADERS:

Either the glass is half full, or it’s half empty. We’ve all heard this expression before, and many of us find that we land on one side or the other as we approach life and work. We either have enough, or we don’t — people in the pews, volunteers to help, ministries to serve, digital presence, money coming in. In our digitally connected, social media dominant culture, it can be easy for pastors and leaders to compare themselves to others’ platforms, charisma, or content cycles. More Here


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