As I sit here writing this to share with all of you, my thoughts are focused on things that need to be said.

Do you know what needs to be said? ALL the positive things that you’ve been holding in, everything, the silent thoughts, the encouragement, the inspiration, the things that you’ve been holding back.

Life is short actually shorter than you could even imagine. Did you know that 120 people die every minute? At the time, on a positive note, did you know that 250 babies are born every minute as well? My point in sharing the death rate was not to make you upset but to back up the point I am making in this message.

Say It! First of all, say it with love, compassion and also with wisdom. Say what’s important and has meaning, not hurtful, hateful, or abusive. Be sure that what you share doesn’t cause harm to others around you. The bottom line is, if it brings encouragement, love, hope, understanding or even closure then say it.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring so don’t miss that moment ok. And lastly from my heart to yours, if you don’t have Jesus Christ in your life, don’t wait another day.

Blessings and Love To You ALL!

Stephen Lewis

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