ON FIRE FOR JESUS!!! ‘On-Fire’ Youth Gather for ‘See You the Pole’ to Pray for a Generation in Crisis: ‘God Has Not Given Up’


I see true revival going on in parts of America! True revival changes lives, it is not just a pep rally! I have many people tell me, “I hope Jesus comes soon.” I tell them, we are not to predict when Jesus returns. When anyone starts predicting the day and hour of the second coming, in light of everything Jesus said about what we can know and what we can’t know, it’s reckless. We better be busy working for Him and brining people into the Kingdom! We are to be boots of love for all on the ground for JESUS carrying out the Great Commission in love. Please do not be lazy, get busy and hit the streets in your community. We are to share JESUS with all of God’s children. You and I are hear for that purpose, our time here in 2022 was appointed by our LORD! We all are to carry out The Great Commission, be a soul saver for our Lord. I do not want to be responsible for anyone going to hell. I love ‘See You at the Pole’ it shows America the love of JESUS, and our shining for JESUS! Are YOU on fire for JESUS!!

From CBN:

“Historically, in the times where there have been a moral and spiritual awakening in our country it has almost, always been led by young people,” Doug Clark, National Field Director of SYATP, told CBN News. “We don’t want to lose our vanguard.”

This year’s theme, “A Flame”, comes from Romans 12:11-12 and encourages students to be passionate about serving the Lord, no matter the challenges they face.

‘On-Fire’ Youth Gather for ‘See You the Pole’ to Pray for a Generation in Crisis: ‘God Has Not Given Up’

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