New Mexico Deputy Gains Fans On TV Hit Series ‘On Patrol Live’


I want to thank Bernalillo County Deputy Robert Mason for all he and all the deputies in the county are doing to keep us safe! I also thank all those involved in the production staff and and the on-air folks of ‘On Patrol Live.’ I watch the program because it gives all of me a first hand look at all the dangerous situations they have to deal with. It is so easy for people to criticize law enforcement, maybe this program will help change peoples minds. KOB TV reporter Ryan Laughlin helps brings some levity to the situation to all crime and violence in our area. I have said for a very long time, “Who would ever want to be a law enforcement officer in the Albuquerque area???” We are so super blessed to have men and women who want to serve. Drugs and booze are super prevalent in most all cases I have watched. I still shake my head in disgust about New Mexico legalizing pot. So many young people are being lost to Satan in New Mexico. The state is not a good place to raise a family, even our schools are falling. CYFD is a hell hole, that neither the DEMS or GOP have cleaned up over the years, SHAME ON ALL OF THE DEMS AND GOP! They both let this very dysfunctional department run a muck and do more damage to children and families. I am sick and tired of the horrible treatment of children in New Mexico! The state continue to kill God’s babies through abortion, some never even get a chance to live at all. God will have the final say on all of us in New Mexico.

BCSO deputy gains social media fandom

‘On Patrol Live’ TV Program

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