All this is a result of only 37% of Pastors in America having a Biblical Worldview! We are seeing America fall as a Christian nation right before our eyes. I hate to think what America will look like in another 6 months!

Marriage was designed by God and is defines by God, not man.

Marriage is at the center of God’s purpose for mankind.

God joined a man and women together so that together they would mirror His image.

He called this union marriage. Their oneness reflects the character and unity of God. Matthew 19: 4-6, John 17: 22-23

Their oneness is a living picture of this intimate relationship with JESUS and His followers. Eph 5:22-33.


From Lifeway Research:

By Aaron Earls

Approval for same-sex relationships has grown among Protestant pastors, but a majority still disapprove.

A new survey from Nashville-based Lifeway Research asked Protestant pastors their thoughts on same-gender marriages and civil unions.

In the most recent survey, 24% of pastors say they see nothing wrong with two people of the same gender getting married. Almost three-quarters say they disagree (72%), with 67% strongly disagreeing.

Mainline Pastors Drive Growth in Pastoral Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Senate punts same-sex marriage vote until after midterm elections Negotiators have been working on an amendment to the bill aimed at attracting the 10 Republican votes needed to overcome a filibuster.

What’s Missing in America? Our Greatest Generation Ever!


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