Education Without Action is Entertainment! Do You Know Your Calling From God?


We must my friends tell the world about JESUS! We are commanded by our LORD to carry out The Great Commission. It is a command, not a suggestion. We must share His love with the world. We must share JESUS in our neighborhoods, grocery stores, post office, doctors office, ball fields, at work, anywhere! We must not be bashful about JESUS! As many of you know we were just in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota sharing JESUS! JESUS! It was a calling from GOD! Not of us!!! Do you know where GOD is calling you? If not I would love to help you learn how to listen to GOD. Email me at Pray about me coming to speak at your Church or Bible study. It is very vital to know your calling, your purpose in your life that GOD has given you! It is so very precious to know your calling from GOD ALMIGHTY! When you know your calling there is a great peace and excitement at the same time, but there is also a great responsibility that comes with it! NEVER EMBARRASS GOD!

This week the title of my message is “Education Without Action is Entertainment.” So many people are educated in the Word of God but they keep it to themselves. They love Bible study, they are educated, but they take little or no action, like carrying out the Great Commission. I call it the do-little-sit-more Christian! Listen in please to my message. Love in JESUS to you all!

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