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Conviction isn’t just the assurance that you’re right but that being right matters. God, your family, church, community and THE WHOLE WORLD needs you to lead with that conviction.

By Jason Allen in Lifeway Research

Conviction is a confidence, rooted in principled clarity and moral certainty, of the rightness of your position and that your stand is not only appropriate but essential. Put another way, conviction isn’t just the assurance that you’re right but that being right matters. And the courage of those convictions is demonstrated when it matters most.

Conviction, too, is contextual. It’s easy to be resolved in the abstract, but conviction only truly matters in contexts of adversity, with real or potential hardship. As Thomas Carlyle famously put it: “But indeed, conviction, were it never so excellent, is worthless till it convert itself into conduct.”

My friend Albert Mohler helpfully writes: “A conviction is a belief of which we are thoroughly convinced. I don’t mean that we are merely persuaded that something is true, but rather that we are convinced this truth is essential and life-changing. We live out this truth and are willing to die for it.” More Here

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