This is a hot topic. I was just in a meeting with a friend who said he was very disturbed about women pastors in the church he attends. Years ago, before FGGAM was established, I was in the middle of an very strong disagreement between a Pastor and a man. The Pastors wife had served as a Pastor and the other man spoke out against women Pastors. This is a centuries old debate in the American Church. Look what is happening in the Church today:


Newly released research from Lifeway found 55% of U.S. Protestant pastors reporting the “senior pastor” role is open to women in their churches, though this statistic differs among denominations.

In fact, the denominational swings on this metric are stunning. While 76% of Mainline pastors said females can serve as senior pastors in their churches, just 44% of evangelicals said the same.

Digging deeper into the data, Methodists were most likely — 94% — to report the allowance of women pastors. Meanwhile, Baptists account for the denomination with the smallest agreement (14%).

Which Churches Allow Female Pastors? New Survey Reveals Current Trends on Centuries-Old Christian Debate

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