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If all believers are commanded to confess sin in order to walk with God, how much more is confession necessary in the lives of pastors?

By Mike Keahbone

Confession: an act of confessing, a session for the confessing of sins, a written or oral acknowledgment of guilt. While Merriam-Webster captures the human perception and definition of confession, the Word of God is much more profound in declaring the believer’s need for confession and the consequences of ignoring God’s call to repentance.

Notice I said “believer,” not “pastor.” This may seem misleading when the title of this article identifies pastors and our need for confession, but allow me to clarify. Before I was called to ministry, I was called to be a born-again believer. I was saved.

As I began to take my first steps as a baby Christian, I was introduced to the basic disciplines of our faith. I was taught how to read the Word of God, how to study the precious promises of God, how to pray and seek the heart of God, and how to listen for His voice.

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