We Made It!!!! We Made It!!!! Because of God and Friends Like you!!!!


“Inconsistency is a disease in many Americans, inconsistency in your walk with JESUS calls for you to be gathered around praying friends.” Pastor Dewey Moede


We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament and New Testament are the inerrant, inspired, and infallible Word of God.
God’s Word is the final authority for faith and life.
We believe there is only one God, and He has chosen to reveal Himself
as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I am pictured above with our Dear Brother in Christ Dr. Steve Hopkins of Albuquerque. I share a letter from Steve below.

We made it! We made it because of God and friends like you! Today FGGAM is 10 years young today! 17 1/2 years of Christian Ministry in New Mexico! The first 7 1/2 as manager of KKIM Christian radio. FGGAM is an non-denominational, non-partisan and Independent ministry. God gave me the name of the ministry! You see, God founded this ministry! God moved me out of KKIM Christian radio into His ministry. God game me the name: For God’s Glory Alone Ministries! All for God’s Glory! Not mans! This is the most serious calling in my life!

I have not felt butterflies like this in years! It is like a feeling of purity. Man would say we started with nothing, but we started with GOD and friends!

Over my years in radio I have seen ministries, even churches start and fail, or change direction, for one reason or another. I still see it! The Lord has kept me and Sharon so very focused on the mission He has given us. My 40 plus years in radio, both secular and Christian, taught me you have to be consistent in your programming, same holds true in life and ministry! This even goes for people who claim to be Christians, they get off the path that God has put before them.  It has been suggested over the ten years to open a Church, buy a building for office space, so many suggestions that would have pulled us off the track of our calling from God. We operate out of our house, and we have the JESUS car that was donated by Pastor Ruben and Lucy Gomez of Midland , Texas several years ago! We have newspaper, radio, social media and our website FGGAM! Oh yes! We have feet!

This whole 10 years has added much to my testimony of how great God is! When a husband and wife are one, when you have a great board, awesome volunteers to write for God, precious people praying for you, wonderful financial supporters, and stay focused on your calling from God, miracles happen.

For 10 years I have been getting up around 2am to 3am everyday, yes 7 days a week, posting news and inspiration here at FGGAM.ORG. I have to tell you there are a FEW days when I have slept in a bit! LOL! My first job in radio full-time radio I had to be at the station at 3am to warm up the old tube transmitter! My radio background has helped me tremendously, God was training me all those 40 plus years in radio for what he was going to start at FGGAM!

I am now 66 and having so much joy with Sharon and Daisy! I love to travel the state, I love to preach JESUS! I have two weddings coming up! I continue to do many funerals.

I am a miracle, Sharon is a miracle, Daisy is a miracle! We all our miracles! What are you doing with the miracle God has given you?

I want to share a letter we got from Dr. Steve Hopkins of Albuquerque:

I am writing as a friend and admirer of Dewey and Sharon Moede. I have had the utmost pleasure of knowing the Pastor and his amazing wife for many years. When Dewey mentioned 10 years ago, he was going to start his own ministry to serve God and as many people as the Lord will put before him, I knew he and Sharon would have great success in educating hundreds if not thousands of people about God’s word. Dewey’s passion, compassion, love and sincerity in his heart is contagious and a gift to human-kind. He and Sharon walk the talk every day of their lives. It does not surprise me of Dewey and Sharon’s spiritual gifts, I have experienced them first hand and I am forever grateful.

With all of my heart,

Steve Hopkins, DVM

The affirmation of so many gives us the fuel of love to go on until God says no more. Me and Sharon and Daisy love you all!

Yesterday a lovely man from Windom, Minnesota, my hometown said he was sending a love offering in part to celebrate our 10th Anniversary! Would you pray about doing the same?

Love Offering to FGGAM in Celebration of 10 years of Ministry!

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