TRAGIC! Shootings spiked during the pandemic, the spike now looks like a ‘new normal’ in America


Last night on then news here in Albuquerque it seemed the first 8 minutes of the news was on shootings and killings in the city. Albuquerque is a very unsafe place to live. So very, very sad. There is no end in sight to this evil. Christians musty get to work and leave their walls. We all need to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! America is filled with SPIRITUAL WAFARE! Hearts need to be given to JESUS!


SEATTLE — When the U.S. homicide rate jumped nearly 30% in 2020, experts hoped it was a temporary blip — a fleeting symptom of pandemic pressures and civil unrest.

“I lost a couple of people around that time, due to gun violence,” says LaMaria Pope, who works for a youth outreach program in the Seattle area called “Choose 180.”

Three summers later, she says that violence persists, and young people are more likely to be armed with a gun.

Shootings spiked during the pandemic. The spike now looks like a ‘new normal’

Police: Heroic Safeway employee confronted gunman in store

Albuquerque Police identifies man shot, killed by officers at gas station

Farmington, NM Police Department sees a rise in gun-related crimes

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