I am attempting today to get caught up on all the news. We have been on a Great Commission trip in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota! I wanted to post about Pastor Mark and Barb for days! Sorry I am late!
What a loss or New Mexico, especially the Albuquerque area. I met Pastor Mark Scales about 20 years ago on the softball field. I was asked by the Heights Christian Church softball coach Phil Arndt to play with them, Pastor Don Kimbro had given him my name. I was playing for a team in Rio Rancho at the time. All the guys welcomed me with the love of JESUS! Pastor Mark used the softball field as a ministry. It is a precious blessing to share JESUS with each other, the other teams, the fans, the umpires, it builds up the Kingdom of God. PTL! I interviewed Mark on KKIM Christian radio many times, had him on my TV show on Ch. 32, pictured at the very top, best of all, we became best friends. From afar, I would hear about all his wonderful work at Hope Christian school. I was also blessed to get acquainted with Mark’s precious wife Barb, pictured above, What a powerful, loving couple New Mexico was blessed with. Mark and Barb impacted New Mexico in such a wonderful way for JESUS! We lose, Texas wins! They are moving for all the right reasons. Mark and Barb shine the light of JESUS!
This is from Mark’s Facebook page:
Dear Friends,
Barbara and I have decided to move to Katy, TX to be a part of the care for Barb’s aging parents. We are doing this to honor both her parents and God.
Pastor Mark
“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12
Mark and I are best friends even thou he is an Astro fan! LOL! LOL! His team seems to always beat the daylights out of my Minnesota Twins! Maybe my headline should have been, New Mexico loses, Astros win!!! LOL!

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