I guess this is why the New Mexico GOP candidate Mark Ronchetti for governor is luke warm on his stance on abortion……..he wants to please everybody I guess. I wonder what the GOP stance on abortion is here in New Mexico. More than a few Republicans that I talk with are not impressed with Ronchetti, but they will vote for him, but wish they had a better candidate.  Ronchetti has to walk a fine line on abortion as election nears, expert says

Watch this unfold folks, New Mexico Libertarian candidate Karen Bedonie has a very strong core of support. Could she swing enough votes her way to upset the apple cart. I beleive so.

Will Libertarian Candidate Karen Bedonie be a Factor in the Race for NM Governor?

Why can’t New Mexico have a leader like Kristie Noem in South Dakota? What a leader, the people love her! Here in New Mexico I have never met a good governor! Gov. Kristi Noem: Economic success in South Dakota attributed to conservative principles

The GOP Party is split in how many ways? 3 to 4? Many are crazier than a June bug! The GOP is dysfunctional, they do not even come close to being the party of Reagan! Their misbehavior plays out on TV every night on the news as does the DEMS, who are crazier than the GOP! Many Americans want a Third party, like me! I am sick and tried of the two party system in America!

Charles Spurgeon’s warns that “Hell is filled with almost-saved people.”

‘Journey to Hell’ Is a Faith-Based Movie That Aims To Change Hearts and Lives

Promotional materials for the movie note that only about half of Americans believe in a literal hell. Chey says “Journey to Hell” will alert lukewarm Christians to change their ways. Then on Judgment Day they won’t hear Jesus say, “I never knew you; depart from Me” (Matthew 7:22-23).

Christians cannot be lukewarm about God’s babies and put themselves above God! Politics is the playground of Satan. GOD IS GOD!

In a surprise upset Tuesday night, Republican-dominated Kansas voted to keep a constitutional right to abortion in the state constitution, upholding a pre-existing state supreme court decision that prevented the legislature from enacting pro-life laws, in the first such ballot measure since the reversal of Roe v. Wade. 

The “Value Them Both” amendment failed, with nearly two-thirds rejecting the measure, according to Business Insider. As of just before 11:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday night, 62.3 percent had voted “no” on the initiative and 37.7 percent had voted “yes,” according to results from the New York Times.

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