I do not know who speaks for the common folk in New Mexico. I believe Pastors must speak up for God’s people and the injustices that are happening here in New Mexico and all over America. Everything from ABORTION! I DO NOT HEAR THE GOP IN NEW MEXICO BEING STRONG FOR GOD’S BABIES!! Their candidate for governor seems weak on this issue. What is the problem GOP? The babies are God’s not yours! We suffer so much from child neglect, child hunger, child abuse, children being killed, etc… The people need non-political voices. We all need JESUS! There are many human rights issues that are not being addressed here in all of America. I will always address them from a nonpartisan view, I try to bring a Biblical view at all times, not a political point of view. Politics is destroying New Mexico and all of America.

Yesterday I was blessed to officiate a wedding in Albuquerque. I met a lovely man at the wedding who works for the New Mexico Highway Department. He has been working up north on the burn scare areas and building barriers to prevent damage to roads caused by flash floods. He told me it has been frustrating because they fix roads and then come back the next day and they are washed out again. He told me the story of a rancher that chased FEMA off his property because they would not give him a fair payment for his destroyed property. This is not the first time I have heard of this happening. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, the Dem Senators, and President Biden say they will take care of all the folks who have been hurt. Many have lost about everything. ARE THEY???? I DO NOT SEE OR HEAR THAT HAPPENING!!  I am so very frustrated with politian’s running ‘nothing noise’ from their mouths! The Feds should pay up! The Forest Service should be kicked out of the state! The Feds started this fire! REMEMBER THE LOS ALAMOS FIRE??  Cerro Grande Fire.  They should be charged with arson and people should go to jail! Where is the Legislature on this? Heads should roll! Who is going to stand up for the average person in this state? Lives have been damaged for life! It is time for Mr. Smith to go to Santa Fe and Washington D.C.  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  I know that is an old one, but for me and others it tells a good story about cleaning up rotten politics.

Flash Flood Victims in New Mexico Deserve More From The Feds

Video of Flash Floods in New Mexico


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