Honest Abe: “You are not able to stand before men until you are willing to kneel before God”


Honest Abe


Here’s a question for you – “Why is an honest person said to be “above board”? The answer is very interesting. You see, back in the days when card playing for money was very popular, the players were expected to keep their hands above the board or table because card sharps (not sharks) would perform their trickery under the board. So a player who was an honest player was one who kept his hands “above board”.


Very interesting, and speaking of honesty, have you ever wondered why President Abe Lincoln was called “Honest Abe”? Well, Abe Lincoln had quite a reputation for being an honest man. In fact, once he walked a full 4 miles just to return six cents to a customer who had paid him too much on a purchase. Wow.


And Lincoln knew the importance of honesty and integrity. His nickname, “Honest Abe”, was not just some slick campaign slogan – he lived it. And when Lincoln spoke, his words were powerful. Do you know why? Because what he said he believed, and when he spoke his convictions, people knew he meant it, and they listened. One of the most powerful speeches in all our US history is Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. No one wrote that speech for Lincoln; he wrote it himself. And, get this; his famous Gettysburg speech lasted only three minutes! Yes when President Lincoln spoke – people listened – because he meant what he said and he lived what he said.


And one of Abe Lincoln’s favorite scriptures? The Book of Proverbs, Chapter 16, verse 13. It says, “Kings take pleasure in honest lips, and they value a man who speaks the truth.” Yes, Abraham Lincoln was a man of real strength and the highest integrity.


And just where did his real strength come from? – Almighty God. Abraham Lincoln honored and respected God and His Word. Lincoln said, “You are not able to stand before men until you are willing to kneel before God”. And when asked once if he believe God was on his side in the Civil War he said, “It is not important that God me on my side; what’s more important is that I be on God’s side.” How true!


But when we stand up for the truth, there is most always a price to pay. Abe Lincoln, sadly, was killed for his stand. But his words, his ideals, his convictions, his testimony, they all live on today.


What are you willing to give for your own convictions? Think about it.

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