Are Your Prayers Being Answered?


I have studied this subject for years. When my Mom was not healed from cancer and passed into heaven, It made me really think about unanswered prayer. We had so many people praying for the healing of my mom, Ruth Irene Moede. Mom passed away into the arms of Jesus at age 64 in 1995. My dad, Wally, passed away of a sudden heart attack on Easter morning in 1993 also at the age of 64. It was a very tough time for me and my brothers and sister. I learned a lot about life, death, and prayer. I remember one time when a man told me, “My mom had cancer and we all prayed and she was healed.” I also learned first hand not what to say to people. That one really hurt. I could write a book on what not to say to people that have just lost a loved one. Death is not talked about enough by many Pastors. All that I have personally gone though and from my study of God’s ways, has made me a better man of God, as God has placed me in the ministry of officiating many funerals. I have taken off two weeks from officiating funeral services because my spirit was becoming ‘dull,’ and I needed to refresh myself in my Lord. Never lose your loving, sensitive heart for people. Pastor Raymond Franks, now with the Lord, told me once, “Dewey, always pray for the Lord’s will to be done.” Amen! We always do not understand the workings of the Lord.


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