Albuquerque City Council Funds Planned Parenthood with $250,000 to Kill More Children Using Your Taxes


Dewey received an email from New Mexico right to life executive director Ethel Maharg describing last night’s Albuquerque City Council meeting.

Ethel was understandably mystified by the vote of councilwoman Trudy Jones, who claims to be a conservative Christian but voted to fund Planned Parenthood’s murderous agenda to kill not only children from New Mexico but those from life-affirming states too.

Below is the text of the email that includes contact information for the council. Albuquerque and New Mexico residents who believe that all people are created in the image of God and deserving of life should make their voices peacefully known.

Here is the email:

August 16, 2022

Hello Everyone,

Last night at the Albuquerque City Council meeting the City Council voted to appropriate $250,000 to Planned Parenthood. Councilor Fiebelkorn rammed it through and unfortunately she had the votes to to so. It was so disappointing, but what was even more disappointing is that Trudy Jones a supposed a “conservative Christian” voted for the measure. I told her to expect a lot of emails and phone calls with people expressing their disappointment with her decision. When people accept an office they are to be held accountable for their actions. Please be respectful, but speak honestly.

D8 Jones 505-768-3123
The other councilors who voted for the measure are
Isaac Benton D2 Benton 505-768-3332
Klarissa Pena D3 Pena 505-768-3127
Pat Davis D6 Davis 505-768-3152
Tammy Fiebelkorn D7 Fiebelkorn tfiebelkorn@cabq.gov505-768-3189

Please thank those who stood against the measure, and they are:

Louie Sanchez D1 Sanchez 505-768-3111

Brooke Bassan D4 Bassan 505-768-3101

Dan Lewis D5 Lewis 505-768-3118

Renee Grout D9 Grout rgrout@cabq.gov505-768-3123

Thank you for all you do for the cause of life.

My Favorite Right is Life!

God bless,

Ethel Maharg

Executive Director





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