We Owe Jesus and His Children Safe Churches, and a Better World


I have been writing about abuse in the Church for years. I beleive that many will be shocked when Jesus returns and tips over tables at many Churches! It hurts me so very much too see much of the American Church turn into the world of sexual abuse. How many lives have been destroyed by this satanic behavior? The Church is to show the world the purity of JESUS CHRIST! You can not kick this can down the road like the Southern Baptist Convention and Catholic Church did for years!!! I can only wonder what God thinks of this. I have no idea how God can be happy with much of the Church in America.

For me, I have had a life that many of my friends have said, “Dewey grew up in Mayberry USA!” So, it just tears me apart what has happened to much of the Church and America. I had been saying for years that America needs missionaries, then last month 240 missionaries from South Korea came here to pray for revival, another “Great Awakening.” Much of the Church in America has fallen in love with politics and certain politicians, that did more severe damage to the Church. I still heart about that as I am out-in-about carrying out The Great Commission. if you put God first, and listen to Him you will avoid being stupid. God will guide your steps and mouth. I know, I make less stupid mistakes since I have God!

My Daddy taught me to take responsibility for the world I live in! Don’t complain, do something about it.” What dad meant was be ‘JESUS LIKE TO ALL”. Daddy also said, “Clean up your own backyard before you try and clean up someone else’s.” That is what much of the Church in America needs to do, clean up yourself, and your Church. Focus on God and all He stands for. What would have happened if all these crazy politicians would have grown up in an AWESOME CHURCH?  I am an Independent, as FGGAM is a non-partisan, Independent, Non-denominational ministry. I call it like I see it, from a Biblical Worldview.

Think purity! I do not hear that word hardly at all anymore! If we all put God first, abiding by the Ten Commandments, Love each other as He loves us, and carry out The Great Commission, we will have a better world, as these are commands from God, not suggestions.

I close with this, sexual abuse is rampant in America, here in New Mexico is is raging like hell fire, I can smell the smoke from my office! I cannot even imagine the damage being done to God’s children. There is hell to pay for this!

I pray for more mature Christians in America! The immaturity of many shows up on Facebook and other social media everyday, what a shame! They show an unbelieving world just what it wants to see from Christians!

One more thing I want to share with you from my Daddy, Wally Moede, “Son, leave this world a better place that you found it.” Well, I have failed at that for now, I try everyday, but…..

We Owe the World Safe Churches

From Yesterday:

FGGAM will be 10 years young next month! PTL!!! Thank you all for your support! FGGAM is a nonpartisan, independent, non-denominal ministry. ALL GOD!

Paul Helm rightly notes that according to Scripture, “the whole of a person’s life is fundamentally serious, something for which he is responsible before God, and for which he will have to give an account…He is individually responsible to God for what he ‘makes’ of it.”

Years ago one of my main mentors, longtime Pastor Don Kimbro. told me that the Church in America is getting into trouble because of the lack of baptisims. We surely see the results of that failure here in 2022! Barna Research shows that what a young person believes by the time they are 13 years old is most likely what they will believe until death. I will also mention that the failure of preaching and abiding by the Ten Commandments has played a huge part in the failure of America.

What inspires me? The love of God, His promises. God guides me. FGGAM will be 10 years young next month. It encourages me to keep going in ministry when I get a message like this, “When you retire, will you and Sharon move to our community, we need your ministry here.” This came from out-of-state, many are still hungry for JESUS. America needs more missionaries, like the 240 or more South Koreans that came here in June. The Church in America, as a whole, has failed to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION.

It always gets worse here in New Mexico! New Mexico continues to abuse God’s children though abortion and sex crimes! Hell on earth for God’s babies. The politicians do not have the answer GOD does! Now the GOP candidate for governor sure seems to be weak on the abortion issue. People need JESUS. Many in this state and nation worship politics, power and money and not GOD ALMIGHTY. I have lived here since 1995, and I just see destruction of the state everyday. Everything from the killing of God’s babies, to murders every week in Albuquerque, corruption, drug and booze addiction, child hunger, homeless population, suicides, robberies, road rage deaths, and more horrible things, and now this new stat brings to the front of sex crimes against children in New Mexico! Can you imagine if folks in Albuquerque wanted to erect a statue of JESUS, read this, Albuquerque as a whole is lost: Albuquerque to unveil statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The GOP told us things would change with a majority of Republicans on the City Council, it has only gotten worse here. That is because the answer is not in politics, the answer is only in JESUS! When it comes to God’s Word, you cannot compromise if you are a Christian. It is a sad day in America when just 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview and just 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview. Barna Research. More Here: A new high of 29% of Americans say the Bible is a collection of “fables, legends, history and moral precepts recorded by man”

All this issues above are Biblical issues, these horrible things happen when a society is godless, like the majority of the people in New Mexico and America.

JESUS!!!! is the only answer. JESUS is the only TRUE PEACEMAKER.

The Dems and GOP are not peacemakers, so many do not know JESUS!

New Mexico Children were higher share of state’s sex crime victims in 2020

Recent child sex crimes renew calls for parental diligence

I have texted NM GOP candidate for governor Mark Ronchetti, but I have never received any response, but I still get emails from him wanting money from me. I never will give money to a political campaign.

NM GOP GOV. Candidate Rochetti Shifts His Stance on Abortion, I do not think abortion will end in our state with either Ronchetti or Grisham as Governor

‘Basing My Opinion on What God Said’: Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn During Social Media Debate

Living in Serious Times

Before you say God Bless America, or God Bless New Mexico, we should say, AMERICA! BLESS GOD!! Read this please, on why your prayers may not be answered.

I have studied this subject for years. When my Mom was not healed from cancer and passed into heaven, It made me really think about unanswered prayer. We had so many people praying for the healing of my mom, Ruth Irene Moede. Mom passed away into the arms of Jesus at age 64 in 1995. My dad, Wally, passed away of a sudden heart attack on Easter morning in 1993 also at the age of 64. It was a very tough time for me and my brothers and sister. I learned a lot about life, death, and prayer. I remember one time when a man told me, “My mom had cancer and we all prayed and she was healed.” I also learned first hand not what to say to people. That one really hurt. I could write a book on what not to say to people that have just lost a loved one. Death is not talked about enough by many Pastors. All that I have personally gone though and from my study of God’s ways, has made me a better man of God, as God has placed me in the ministry of officiating many funerals. I have taken off two weeks from officiating funeral services because my spirit was becoming ‘dull,’ and I needed to refresh myself in my Lord. Never lose your loving, sensitive heart for people. Pastor Raymond Franks, now with the Lord, told me once, “Dewey, always pray for the Lord’s will to be done.” Amen! We always do not understand the workings of the Lord, that is why I wanted to share this message with you from Bob Russell in CHURCHLEADERS:

There are reasons why prayers are not answered, even though I get a little impatient with super-spiritual saints who leave the impression that they have a deeper grasp of prayer than most. Such folks teach that if other believers just understood God’s Word better—or had more faith in prayer—God would answer all their requests. They would never suffer illness or poverty again. Such leaders seem to ignore the fact that Jesus was poor and the Apostle Paul struggled with a thorn in the flesh throughout his life. Paul prayed for God to remove the pain, but the Lord did not answer this petition.

7 Reasons Why Prayers Are Not Answered

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