This message from 2014 from Focus On The Family really hits home today and all days in America and on the entire world. I really love where God takes me when I am looking for message of life! Life is given to all by God Almighty. I also posted one of my all-time favorites on the sanctity of life by Chuck Swindoll.

What defines the idea of ‘the sanctity of human life,’ and how should it impact our relationships with other people?

The sanctity of human life is a core principle for Focus on the Family.

We believe that human beings are created by God in His image. Therefore every person, from conception to natural death, possesses inherent dignity and immeasurable worth—including preborn children, elderly individuals, those with special needs and others marginalized by society. Christians, then, are called to defend, protect, and value all human life.

In short, human life is sacred and respect for human life should be at the center of all we do. In order to put the “life ethic” into words and practice, it helps to consider where it comes from, what it looks like and how can we incorporate it into our daily lives:

The Life Ethic: Where Does It Come From?



Chuck Swindoll on the Sanctity of Life

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