STOP Beating Yourselves Up!


I get some of my best Messages when I am studying the Word of God or spending quiet time with the Holy Spirit. This morning July 24th 2022 while we are watching our Grandson I had a word come to me that needed to be shared. This message is for some of you out there and you will know who you are. If this message is for you, please comment and even share your testimony I would love to hear it.

Stop Beating Yourself Up because they have not come to Jesus!

The Gospel seed (not money) has been planted!

The Holy Spirit within you knows your heart.

So allow the Holy Spirit to do what He does Best!

Get out of the way, pray for those individuals and press on!

Let It Go!

There’s untouched soil out there, waiting for your next encounter!

Someone out there needs to hear the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

So keep sharing the Kingdom of God!

Continue to be that vessel, He called you to Be!

Carry the Hope of Jesus Christ, Not the Burdens of those you are worried about!

Stay Focused! Show Love! Show Compassion! Share JESUS!

Then Get Out of The Way and Let The Holy Spirit Do The Leading!


I share this message in Love today because some of you are spending too much time trying to get loved ones saved. You shared, now allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest. Just keep living a Christ-filled life and show them who Jesus Christ is by the way you continue to live your life. There are others waiting to hear what you have to share, don’t deprive the Lost of the Kingdom message within you… sound good?

Blessings and Love To You ALL!

Stephen Lewis

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  1. That’s right on Stephen! A lot of times we unintentionally want to do Holy Spirit’s job. There is a time to back off and let Him do what He does best. I agree, put the stick up and quit beating yourselves up. Great word brother.

    • Hey Sister didn’t realize I could check for comments. Little late behind the 8 ball on this one lol. Amen thanks and yes putting the stick up is important, been there done that. God bless you and your amazing Family!

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