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WalletHub: The homicide rate has spiked by an average of 18% in 50 of the biggest U.S. cities between Q2 2020 and Q2 2022.

And the GO told us things would change with Republicans on the City Council! It just gets worse here! What the GOP needs to realize is that hearts need to be changed for JESUS! Albuquerque needs to repent and seek the face of JESUS! More politics and laws will not change Albuquerque or any place in America! JESUS is the answer!

Albuquerque continues to be in such bad shape. Is Albuquerque lost? Overnight murder in ABQ. Is America lost? I beleive it is in many ways. I was sharing with a friend this week that when you look at the current research that just 6% of America has a Biblical Worldview, and only 37% of Pastors have a Biblical Worldview: Barna Research. Our entire nation is falling apart faster than ever. What is happening with the Church in America, breaks my heart. I have to work with what God shows me and what I know from my research. We stink as a nation. We are in the biggest Spiritual War we have been in since the Civil War. Help Me Understand: Spiritual Warfare—The Devil. I am not, and never will be a politician, I have a calling from God to speak Biblical truths to the world. Below you will find that WalletHub posted some quotes from some folks, but they do not reflect my belief that this is all a heart issue, hearts need to be given to JESUS! Satan is having his way with so very many here in America, the murder rate is soaring. Here in Albuquerque the violence is all over, it seems everyday murders and other violent crimes are being reported. I have been reporting on this now for 18 years. We talked about this on KKIM Christian radio, on New Mexico news and Views, and now here at FGGAM for 10 years as of August. The Dems cannot fix this, the GOP cannot fix this, the solution is way beyond any human being, the answer is JESUS! JESUS! Hearts need to be changed, The majority of America is lost, blinded by Satan. The Church needs to get to work and carry out The Great Commission Our Great Commission Trip to California and baptize folks and make disciples! OTHERWISE THE EVIL WILL EVEN GET MUCH WORSE ALL OVER AMERICA! JESUS is always the answer to any situation.

The world notices that we are failing, this took place in June:

Missionaries Arrive in America! ‘Praying for a Third Great Awakening’: 240 Korean Christians Visit 21 US Cities, Praying for Revival

With the homicide rate having spiked by an average of 18% in 50 of the biggest U.S. cities between Q2 2020 and Q2 2022, WalletHub today released its report on the Cities With the Highest Increase in Homicide Rates, along with accompanying videos and expert commentary.

In order to determine which cities have the biggest homicide problems, WalletHub compared 50 of the largest U.S. cities based on per capita homicides in Q2 2022 as well as per capita homicides in Q2 2022 vs. Q2 2021 and Q2 2020.

Cities with Highest Increase in Homicide Rates
1. New Orleans, LA 6. St. Louis, MO
2. Baltimore, MD 7. Albuquerque, NM
3. Louisville, KY 8. Detroit, MI
4. Milwaukee, WI 9. Anchorage, AK
5. Washington, DC 10. Atlanta, GA

Note: Rankings are based on data available as of 12:30 p.m. ET on Monday, July 25, 2022.

To view the full report and your city’s rank, please visit:


Expert Commentary

Why has there been a recent spike in homicides across the country? 

“There are a few explanations as to why we have seen homicide increases across the US. The last few years have been a period of instability/challenge with COVID-19, social unrest, and political change. During these periods faith in social institutions waivers (like the criminal justice system) and overall social control may weaken. In addition, we had people forced to stay home, and a large portion of crimes are committed by those we know – so crimes that increased recently such as domestic violence, assaults, and homicide may be due to interpersonal conflicts, increased use of drugs and alcohol, as well as increased social and economic pressures due to the pandemic.”
Christopher Salvatore, MA, Ph.D. – Associate Professor; Chairperson, Department of Justice Studies, Montclair State University

What will it take for the homicide rate to decrease again?

“Several well-known strategies have been shown to reduce homicide. We know that police can be very instrumental here, with focused deterrence policies. To the extent that policing has been negatively affected by the pandemic or in terms of reputation due to police violence, steps toward improving and strengthening police will be important for any reduction in homicide…The pandemic has created a lot of trauma and nearly every aspect of society has been experiencing the consequences of that trauma. To just hope it will go away or get better may be unreasonable. We need strong policies in place to put our society back together, from jobs to inflation to community organizations.”
Michael Rocque, Ph.D. – Professor, Bates College

“There are a variety of ways to decrease homicides. As many are in socially disorganized communities, investing in the infrastructure of these communities, as well as its citizens, may go a long way to reducing homicides. Investing in a community’s economic well-being by providing opportunities for education and employment, safe and affordable housing, and social and civic infrastructure are all key areas of need. In addition, policing strategies focused on healing and building relationships with police and communities are critical in building trust and addressing critical areas of challenges that have existed between the police and impoverished communities. Another key area that could reduce homicides is changes in gun laws. Since guns are involved in the bulk of homicides, stricter gun laws, and restricting access, while a politically hot topic of significant debate, is another way to reduce homicides.”
Christopher Salvatore, MA, Ph.D. – Associate Professor; Chairperson, Department of Justice Studies, Montclair State University

Will 2022 bring new solutions to this problem or will this upward trend continue?

“The US has shown much promise in its ability to arrive at creative solutions to reduce violence. I believe there will be attention to the effects of social disruption (of which homicides are one) when the pandemic feels ‘over’ from a public health perspective. The focus has been on reducing the spread of COVID and ensuring the public is safe from infection so that the other effects have been ignored. At some point, we will need to redirect efforts at rebuilding our communities and our social fabric to get back to a place where we feel safe and connected again. When that happens, I think homicides will decrease or find their level.”
Michael Rocque, Ph.D. – Professor, Bates College

“With increasing costs of living and inflation, political and social debates around issues like abortion and gun control, ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, and the rise of new potential threats to health and well-being like Monkeypox, we may be in for increases in homicide for another year. It is possible, that if we see stabilization in the economy, a decrease in COVID-19 rates, and resolutions in the areas of social debates, we may see a corresponding decrease in homicides and other violent crimes.”
Christopher Salvatore, MA, Ph.D. – Associate Professor; Chairperson, Department of Justice Studies, Montclair State University

10 Reasons Why Youth Ministry Matters Now More Than Ever: A shocking report states 1,000,000 Christian teens per year will leave the faith

I am not surprised by this report. The Church has lost many adults and children over the last several years. So many Americans have no interest in going to Church. I put it this way, ‘Nobody goes to Church anymore,’ They must be invited to come by YOU and ME! I see congregations shrinking. Many congregations are getting older, not younger. Too many Pastors and leaders are stuck inside the walls and not carrying out The Great Commission. I have found that when you go with Jesus and build bridges of love and trust, all most all will listen to you. I have really never been pushed away. The Church must look itself in the mirror, as a whole here in America, the Church is failing. Just look at your community, Satan is having his way with so very many everyday. No laws will stop this violence. It is by changing hearts for Jesus that will decrease violence. We already have laws on top of laws. I do not know what Christians do not understand about the GREAT COMMISSION!!! it is a COMMAND from JESUS, not a suggestion! How many new members has your Church had in the last year? How many baptisims? What on earth are you doing to build the Kingdom of God???? A lot of Churches have turned into ‘coffee clubs.’ Every Church I see that is on fire for God and growing, is out in their community reaching the lost, building bridges of love and trust. We all will have to answer to God for what we did not do to build the His kingdom. I have seen too many Churches with no youth program, no Sunday School for children, and not many children in Church. This is not right!

Andrew Linder in CHURCHLEADERS posted this today: “If the only time you influence people is when you’re on a stage, you’re a performer, not a disciple-maker.”

When God formed FGGAM 10 years ago as of this August, so many people asked me, “Are you going to start a Church?” and “You should start a Church,” And then many asked as I traveled New Mexico, “Where is your Church?” Our Church is mobile! We know no walls. The late, great Pastor Ray Franks told me, “Dewey do not start a Church, there is one on every street corner in Albuquerque, and most have few attending, Albuquerque does not need anymore Churches.” Ray said, “Do what God has told you to do, go out and preach the gospel.” Ray was a wise man who taught me much in the short time I worked for him.

Invite folks to Church, tell them you will pick them up. I am always disappointed when I ask people at a Church to raise their hand if they have invited someone to Church, hardly anyone raises their hand.

Greg Stier of CHURCHLEADERS reports:

A shocking report (greatopportunity.org) states 1,000,000 Christian teens per year will leave the faith. (Teens with a mission are more likely to stay engaged!)

10 Reasons Why Youth Ministry Matters Now More Than Ever

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