Quote from John McDonald on Leadership:

God will hold every leader responsible for how they use their leadership.

Many, if not most, leaders functionally dismiss this primary essential of true leadership. The result is leadership that does not recognize God as the source and giver of their authority. These leaders then treat their leadership as a natural endowment or right.

A leader who is aware of, and responsive to, the sovereignty of God as revealed in Jesus Christ will acknowledge his or her dependence upon God; will exercise leadership in a way that pleases God; and will be able to account for his or her privilege of leadership with joy.


The disaster continues! All this because of an inept forest service! Where are they now? if you see them, let me know! Will the Federal government pay for all this flood damage? If they do, how long will it take for folks to get paid? The forest service needs to be held responsible! Will this happen? They never can truly pay all these folks back who have lost so much. This is a prime of example of the American government these days, going from one disaster to next, holding press conferences and making all sorts of promises. Will the people of northern New Mexico receive justice?

It is very easy for the President and Governor Lujan Grisham to say the government will not leave the folks in northern New Mexico ‘holding the bag.’ An old saying meaning, you are put in a situation where you are responsible for something, often in an unfair way because other people, in this case the government, fail or refuse to take responsibility for it.

Please join us in prayer that justice be served to all the folks that have been hurt by the fires and flooding.

Politicians can talk all they want, but what counts is the folks actually being compensated. There is so much smoke coming from the politicians at this time.

Evacuations recommended near Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak burn scar due to flooding

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