Oppressed People and Insolent Children, a Sign of the Times


We often believe that prophecy is only found in certain books and chapters of the bible, such as Daniel or Revelation. Christians certainly like to point to Isaiah 53, but the pronouncement of judgment toward Judah found in chapter 3 and other chapters point to a pattern found in scripture regarding a nation’s rebellion against the Lord and the consequences that result.

I did a verse-by-verse breakdown of Isaiah 3 last night and it was amazing to see the parallels to what we see happening today. Verse 4 describes our leaders as children, which could be literal or figurative. (I’m not trying to look directly at our president)

But look at verse 5:
“The people will be oppressed,
Every one by another and every one by his neighbor;
The child will be insolent toward the elder,
And the base toward the honorable.”

There is much oppression today and I’m not just talking about the not-so-secret arrests of political opponents to the president. The ideology of the world will not be denied. If you attempt to do so, chances are you will be erased from social media and other places.

The language is being forcibly changed in both English and Spanish, from pronouns to the foundations of gendered language. The very definitions of men and women are being redefined to make the absurd claim that men can give birth.

This brings us to insolence by children and those without honor.

Many are praising the rude treatment of the honorable Senator Josh Hawley by an insolent law professor as she accused Sen Hawley of transphobia for the sin of believing that women give birth.

By the way, I have never thought much of the use of the suffix -phobia to describe perceived hatred when it really refers to fear, which points to the childishness of the argument.

Then there is the story out of St. Paul, Minnesota of a toddler who swings and curses at police officers executing a search warrant in the hunt for a murder suspect while adults watched with approval.

These are but a handful of examples we see of our nation and world suffering the consequences of rejecting the order the Lord established in His word to bring human flourishing and prosperity.

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