FGGAM Celebrating 10 Years of Serving and Sharing the Word and News about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, throughout the entire World, to bring Encouragement & Unity in and through the Body of Christ.

Pastor Dewey Moede founded FGGAM as God called him out of Christian Radio into full-time ministry in Sept. of 2012. For God’s Glory, Alone Ministries is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico serving the body of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching, inspirational writings, prayer, encouragement, counseling services, accountability, Christian entertainment, insights into the news, and more.

Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede are devoted to the Lord in a mighty way and have a heart for the lost and the saved in such a way that they have poured their lives and finances out into this amazing ministry. What I personally love about this wonderful couple is they are not about themselves. Like I always say, “It’s A We Thing Not A Me Thing.” They not only share their heart with the world, but they also allow others to be a part of this powerful ministry as many of us get the opportunity to use our writing gifts to share messages with the world as well. Because of their unselfishness in encouraging others to participate in this journey, their ministry has grown in a Mighty way.

As FGGAM continues to grow and spread through the entire globe, my prayer personally is for millions to be reached for the Glory of the Lord. For the Kingdom message to be spread, for eyes and ears and hearts to be opened in a mighty way so many will come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ and the full message of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Thank you Pastor Dewey and Sharon for being who God called you to be, so we all can grow to be who God called us to be! I see Jesus in both of you and look forward to many more amazing years of being a part of Team Jesus and the FGGAM Family.

10 years down Many More To Go!

Please Pray About a Love Offering to FGGAM

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