What are we to do Lord?


Luke 10:2 says, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

POLL: About 29% of Americans are religious “nones” — people who describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or “nothing in particular”

I read this information and much of it I had seen before in the last couple of months. HOWEVER! There is important information in this message that should ignite us all to carry out The Great Commission! My goodness, we are so very divided not only politically in this country, but in what we beleive in, God? Nothing? We will never achieve unity until we all come to JESUS. I have said for years, and still say today, politics is Satan’s workshop! LOOK WHAT HE HAS DONE! Satan has divided our country in so very many ways, INCLUDING the Church! WE ARE A MESS! SEX ABUSE IS A HUGE PROBLEM IN TOO MANY CHURCHES! And you think people want to join a Church? You cannot hide from that stink! Too many made politics and politicians a god. EVEN PASTORS!!! So many pastors and congregants show an unbelieving world just what it wants to see, BAD BEHAVIOR!

Too many pastors love to preach to the choir and not leave the building and hit the streets for JESUS! We are losing. Years ago I witnessed excellent on the street ministry by Pastor’s Kyle Martin and John Lay. They would hit the streets of Dallas and talk to people one on one. They also would do ‘man of the street’ interviews and play them back on KKIM Christian radio. Kyle and John would build bridges of love and trust with folks and then talk to them about JESUS! This is when both of them were with ‘Time to Revive’ out of Dallas, Kyle is still TTR, he is the founder, and John is now the Pastor of the Church on the Hill in Mesquite, Texas. I learned much from those two, I also took part in revivals with them in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in Asheville, NC. It was like going to seminary, I learned so much! I also served on the TTR Board of Directors for a few years before God founded FGGAM, 10 years ago this August! Thank you LORD for the education! Thank you Pastor’s Kyle Martin and John Lay! You taught me THE GREAT COMMISSION!

Get out of your comfort zone Pastors! What are you afraid of? My daddy always taught me to take responsibility, I think a lot of the problem in America is that Pastors are not talking responsibility to carry out The Great Commission. It is a command from JESUS! Daddy said to always look at yourself in the mirror! Ask, Lord, what can I do?

This Sunday I am in Glenwood, New Mexico. I will share JESUS with all who I meet on Sunday as I travel, from start to finish.

Here is the poll info I wanted to share with you: Poll: Americans’ Belief in God Is Dropping

The Death of a Biblcial Worldview in America

I know times are very tough, but would you pray about a love offering to FGGAM as we carry out The Great Commission, on the streets and roads?

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