Thoughts This Father’s Day 2022


Any Man can help make a child but it takes a real Man to Be a Father.

The world has many definitions for the word Father, but in this message, I want to define the Person and not the Word.

The Father: A Man who Loves unconditionally, fixes the broken, keeps things working around the house most of the time, Is there to wrestle with the kids, tickling them and throwing them high in the air then reaching out to grab them every time. Building bicycles together and keeping them safe on their first ride down the path. Being the discipliner as well as the protector. While also being the hero that stands behind them all the time.

Being a Father takes courage, a heart full of love as well as a leadership quality to help raise future heroes. He not only protects them from the outside world but he also takes the time to teach His children about Jesus Christ and the Word of God. He leads by example and shows love to his wife and children even during rough times. That is what a Father truly is. He is loving, Patient, Kind, and so many other great qualities.

So on this special Father’s Day, I want to say to all the Fathers out there. Stay strong even in the rough times. Be there for your children, especially your Wife, and always remember it’s a team effort. So this Father’s Day I say Be blessed, stay strong, focus on being their Father in the younger years, and once they move out become a friend. Pray daily and be sure to have other Fathers to encourage and vice versa. Happy Father’s Day and remember. Any Man can help make a child but it takes a real Man to Be a Father.

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