Their Voices Should Be Heard


First of all, let’s set the record straight. My heart breaks for the Families and Loved ones of all victims in the senseless shootings that take place especially when it involves children. I also want to make something clear, if you have had an abortion, you can not change the past and no one is pointing the finger at you, this message is for the future generations of unborn children. I Care about many things as a Minister and right now my focus is on the Unborn Child.

Why am I saying this? Because sadly in order to stand up for the unborn child, you have to be an orphanage advocate, you have to have a campaign for poor children,  you have to be against war, and any other type of violence, and a list of other things. When we stand up for the unborn child in 2022 in some arenas we become targets??? How in the world is that even possible?? To reason away the murder of a human infant in the Mother’s Womb?? They Cry out loud My Body My Choice with one breath and with another breath yell out Get the vax or lose your job??

This is our reasoning in 2022? When Infanticide is being upheld by the Administration as a God-given right?? Folks it’s time to open our eyes and see what is really going on. One of Satan’s goals is to destroy Man’s identity, and sadly we as a nation and as a world are helping him by destroying Men and Women before they even get out of the womb. It’s time to step up as some are already doing and speak Life into those considering Abortion. Support and come alongside Pro-Life organizations and Ministries. Our Mother’s gave us a chance to live, shouldn’t we do the same? Pray, Pray. Then Act…..

Lastly, I leave you with this statement I read on a Meme one day. It was a picture of a Baby and here is what it said.

“My Body My Choice? Can You Please Choose Before I am Conceived”

Blessings and Love To You ALL


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